Hello everyone,

I am heading to Nepal for 5-6 weeks (end of May to end of June) and will be looking to do some grade I- III+ rivers and was wondering if anyone would be in the area then? If you are, get in touch and we can work something out!

Cheers J.

P.S I know this should be in the Asia section, but that looks like a bit of a ghost town and I know most people here.


When we did a trek many years ago we walked up the Marsyangdi River from Pokhara, we swam/washed in it nearly every night until we got too high and the cold was too severe, it was winter.

A lot of it was raft-able but some of the gorges would have to be walked past as they were ragging. Fantastic scenery and interesting village life.

Have a great time, Duncan

Hey Jeremy, I live in Kathmandu and am always up for a bit of packrafting! I’m a novice, and grade 3 is currently my limit, but there is lots that could be done. Take a look at my blog if you get a moment:

I have a young family, so day trips are great. The Upper Sun Kosi, grade 3, doable in a day trip from Kathmandu, is a real blast. But if you wanted to plan a more extended trip I’d be up for it, if the wife lets me and if the monsoon doesn’t get in the way. Get in touch.


Hi Pete

Thanks for getting in contact! Grade 2-3 is great and those rivers on your blog look excellent. I have sent you a PM with some more details.