Last year we packrafted the Seti river to the Karnali river, in far Western Nepal. The Seti was an excellent packrafting river, low volume class III+ and great jungle scenery. The Karnali was basically class II, but much higher volume with some crazy hydraulics. We camped on beaches, daytime temps were in the 80s and there were no bugs. November and December are the times to go.

Awesome! Did you hike in to Deura from Gopghat? Any issues with Maoists?

We started in DIpayal and took out in Chisapani. If you combined the Seti with some trekking routes I think the trip could be a classic. The Maoists were not a problem and they’ve signed a truce since.

You lucky fiend! Been there twice, but it was before I had an Alpacka. I’m not familiar with where those are… I was on a geological expedition near the Chainpur town / Api Himal area. Can you orient me? Any problems with catching bugs?

You were close. Chainpur is 30+ miles upriver of Dipayal, where the road crosses and where we started. Looks like the river is class 4-5 up there.

We flew into Delhi and took a a train East, crossed the border at Banbassa, then a combination of taxi, rickshaws, walking, horse cart, jeep and bus got us to the river. We both got a stomach bug. A dose of Cipro cured me.

Seems like I always had a low-grade parasite over there… it would be okay as long as I didn’t overeat, but once found myself doing a double-shot of tinidizole and cipro, and hardly eating for four days of walking… ugh.

What did the Nepalis think of your boat?