NeoAir Mattress as Floor

Has anyone used a Thermarest NeoAir air mattress as a floor? It seems awfully fragile and I’m not sure it would hold up to use as a floor. Any experience? Thanks.

Lane Coddington

I have four friends that have purchased then in a short time returned the NeoAir to REI, as they got holes in them just from 1-2 camping trips in a less abusive manner than a packraft floor, i personally would not even bother with it as a floor seems like a certainty of holes in it in a short amount of time (my guess first or second trip)…

I’ve had a few holes in mine as well. I’ve been able to field repair them with a little bit of warm sunshine and tyvek tape.

Did you get your hole(s) while using it as a floor in your raft or just as a sleeping pad?