Need two packrafts: budget $900

Hi there gang,

A girlfriend and I are looking for two packrafts for a month long scouting trip we are doing in Alaska this spring. We are scouting rivers for a suitable location for a wilderness therapy program we are currently developing for at risk youth. We will ultimately use these rafts as part of this program. So, you can feel good about the kind of love and appreciation they will receive in their new home :slight_smile:


Natalie, for your program a Klymit raft, the “Light Water Dinghy” seems an obvious choice. 35 ounces; very inexpensive; available on Ebay as I write this (I searched for “Klymit dinghy”) for $126 new. Klymit might offer your program a deal if you need a few.

Probably wet for class two water, but so is a Scout. See if you can make one work near home before your trip.


Thank you for the suggestion Raven. We are looking for something with spray skirts and substantial enough tubes/ space to stow equipment as we will be doing extended back country trips (with supply drops sometimes a week apart). So far we have purchased one Kokopelli Nirvana (which after testing we have decided should work beautifully). We are still hunting for one to two more packrafts. We have been researching the Nirvanas as well as Yukons as we will be working up to class three water (although this rating is a bit conservative as it accounts for the cold water temps in Alaska). If anyone has any used gear for sale that fits the bill please shoot me a line (as I do not check the forum regularly) we would love to start building our fleet :slight_smile: