Need help identifying an Alpacka Raft with some oddities

Hi all, new to pack rafting (and this forum) and wondering if someone can help me. I’ve reached out to Aplacka already but haven’t heard back.

I purchased this raft used from someone on a fly fishing website. He claimed it to be an Alpacka Yak but there are a few things a little odd about it based on other models I’ve seen. Please see attached photos.

1.) Is this in fact a Yak?

2.) From what I’ve seen, the more “pointed” end (blue side) is typically the back of the raft. However, the mouth nozzle is located on the more blunt end (black side) of the raft. So which end is the back?

3.) Why is there only one single latch point? Seems at minimum there are typically 4.

4.) There is no tab or attachment to accept a seat of any kind. Is this normal on some models?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Thor from Alpacka called me back yesterday. Turns out, it’s not a Yak, it’s an older version of the Scout.

Working with the seller to resolve.