Need for Separate Forums?

Hi Guys, let me know if you feel it would be beneficial to split up the “Down Under” forum, say into Oz + Tasmania and NZ. I can do it pretty easily. Cheers, -Andrew

I’m happy with the Antipodes all lumped as one. There don’t seem to be many packrafters down here anyway

If there were a whole group of packrafting Kiwis, then they might like to split off from the other side of the Tasman, but there really don’t seem to be many (??any) posts from NZ.

Andrew A

a) I woodn bother, and
b) Tas is part of Australia… they occasionally get offended if you forget this … and occasionally like to consider secession !

Jules, Have you ever visited Tas and told someone there that you are from Australia?!! :laughing:

If there’s a sudden surge in Antipodean packrafters, we could perhaps do Australia (inc. Tasmania), and NZ.

Speaking of the latter, perhaps the NZ packrafters could introduce themselves. There’s some youtube stuff done in Fiordland (Iris Burn, Mararoa R) from some time ago, and I have presumed that this is from a Kiwi, and I heard of someone in 2007 rafting out down the d’Urville and writing about it in a Kiwi Mag…where are you all?

I tend to go for ‘The North Island’ !

Yes, where are our ANZAC brethren ?

Sounds good.

Yeah, on Tasmania… I’ve always wondered if it’s proper etiquette to talk of Taz a little separately (sort of like saying ‘Alaska’ in the states) or it’s better form to simply say Australia. Sounds like the latter. Thanks.

The Tasmanians call the Australian mainland “The North Island”, the Kiwis call it “The West Island”…but niether really care as long as the social security cheques keep coming… :smiling_imp: only kidding :blush:

I would like my own Bega section??