Need a new indestructable boat

So, I saw the new Ghost that weighs a 1 1/2 lbs. That is awesome! So when is Alpacka going to make an indestructable 20 or 30 lb packraft for front or side country micro-creeking? I would happily hike in a 30 lb packraft for a few miles, if I knew that it would be completely bullet proof! How about at least a kevlar bottom?

I see that the Gnu and Alpackalypse have a vectran fiber bladder, which is as strong as Kevlar, but more UV resistant. What about the floor? Is the floor material of the Alpackalypse the same denier of nylon as the Llama? In my llama, the floor is definitely the weak point. I have torn 840 denier nylon in my IKs, as well as the thinner floors of my alpackarafts. Maybe just get a customized raft with thicker floor material I guess.

Inflatable ducky like NRS or Aire? Not Kevlar but the are 30 lbs to haul around.

The 23 lb and 7 foot NRS Rascal looks like it might fit the bill. Its a bit shorter and narrower than my packraft, which would be good for my local manky streams. $1,200