Naming A Packraft?

There are precedents. Erin and Hig paraded the Tooth and Claw at presentations after their Seattle – Aleutians jaunt:

You can either wait until after your craft earns a meaningful name or act before an interesting experience supplies a name. Despite nautical tradition, for several reasons I suggest that you not break a glass bottle across your packraft’s bow. A plastic bottle (filled with the beverage of your choice) with its lid ajar to spill some fluid, seems to me a more fitting tribute.

My yellow Denali Llama is named “Pythagoras Snapdragon” and my Dory/Explorer is named “Amber”.

I bought the Dory/Explorer to take my friends child out in, and the boat’s named by, and after her.

I’d named my little yellow Mini (not the BMW version) “Pythagoras Snapdragon” and my Llama inherited the name.

Naming your boat is a must, but only once it tells you what it wants to be called. My crew did a boat christening before we set out on our maiden voyage. It included a quick speech and pouring a PBR around the bow of the boat. Google it, read a few descriptions, and come up with your own ceremony is my best advice. Welcome to the Club! You will not be disapointed in your purchase.

(Green Boat, looks like a big green olive, as seen on YouTube in Packrafting Montana videos)

“Vade Mecum” ~ Latin for “Go With Me”, is what my Yak is named.
Am new to packrafts myself but not to “nautical” ways!

The whole point of packrafts for me was because they’re the best way to explore the rivers and my region in general. Already got a few friends saving up for their own as well! As a novel and brilliant way to travel, packrafts facilitate a freedom to roaming about our hills like nothing else. Hopefully all this almost-systematic wandering by our merry band of cavemen will eventually lead to various forms of documentation that will enable others to pick up where we leave off and put more things on the table for others to use. Our lands, though lush and bountiful, are pretty much uncharted territory for the visiting curious and locals as well.
Thus, “Vade Mecum”. Nuff said!

I love this video! You guys ROCK!

We love the boats! YOU guys rock!