Nadgee/Howe Packraft trip.

Walked the Nadgee Wilderness coast again last week (casual 6 day trip) from Merrica Ranger station to Mallacoota (70 odd km’s of coastal wilderness). We took the packrafts for water crossings, to explore the waterways (Little River, Nadgee river, Nadgee Lake, Wau Wauk Lake, Lake Barracouta and Mallacoota inlet) and to do a bit of fishing. Lovely trip, saw whales, dolphins, sea lions, an array of sea birds, koads of flowering natives, the most impressive midins ever, tool making sites etc. Weather was close to perfect but we got blown out on the last day and had a hell of a time crossing Mallacoota inlet with storm wave surge, very high winds, heavy rain, flood water and high tide all at the same time… I would recommend this trip as a true packrafting trip, the ‘pack’ bit is awesome, all paddling is flat water but the rafts come into their own in such places with exploring, fishing and ease of estuary crossings, the waterways are all pristine wilderness. Sadly I am struggling with my Go Pro to convert files at the moment so no packraft footage but here are a few moments and some footage from my stills camera of the coast that may inspire a visit to the area.


Oh yer, in suitable weather you could do a paddle out to Gabo island, it is on my list for my next trip (weather permitting)


Nice vid mate. All time in Nadgee is good time.

True Mr Watson, lots of bream still happily muching away off the surface too :slight_smile: