MTB Bikes in the Raft

Hi guys

We have not been using our packrafts enough so we were thinning how to do get more use out of them and I remember a guy on here (from Canberra I think ?) riding his MTB up the river then coming down in the raft with the bike on the front. We’re thinking of doing something similar. We live right near the Nymboida Rv, so we’re looking at riding a big loop up to the bridge and then coming down to the end of a side road, across the river and back to our place, 20km+ of riding and less than a 1 km of rafting

Tips on affixing the bike to the front of the raft ? Front and back wheels off, wheels tied on top of the frame ? or ?

Doom seems to be the resident expert on attaching bikes:

More reading:,-Simplified&viewpost=2&ContentId=2640

Best of luck. Let us know how you get on.

DOH ! How stupid of me, everything is on Utube and I should have checked there

Will do, have a big ride (100km) through some bitchin’ hills from Dorrigo to Nymboida (via Ulong etc) coming up in a month, so we’re looking to do the MTB /Raft thing after that.