MRS Nomad - packayak or kakraft?

I got lent an MRS Nomad S1 to try out, a 2.9 metre solo packraft with a skeg, a ‘cruiser-style’ deck and an elevated seat (like some self-bailers).
I paddle IKs so miss the glide of packrafts on flatwater but was very impressed with the S1 on a short coastal run and up a loch.
Even at sea the skeg seemed totally redundant (maybe not for longer windier crossings) – can’t say the same for my 4.5m IK but was sort of what I expected.
WindPaddled fine without the skeg (or paddle-rudder) too.
Twin zip deck was clever – easy access to the ‘trunk’ behind the seat.
All in all as well made as any packraft I’ve owned or tried and an interesting crossover between IKs and packrafts.
Definitely not a kakraft; could almost see myself trading in my 2014 Yak except for the stiff €1300 price.

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