More photos of tassie pack rafting

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Wow - there is a whole flock of yaks down there. I do wonder from time to time how many Australians own them - I think we’re in a minority - we should ask Sheri.

Awesome pics! I am envois. My packrafts are doing nothing but collecting dust right now. I have to head south next winter.

Hello Duke,

I recognise the Crossing River Gorge, and the other pictures therefore clearly describe a trip down the Crossing and Davey Rivers to Port Davey. Thanks for sharing this lovely collection of photographs! I paddled those rivers in about 1984, before these interesting boats became available. I would love to see one of these boats in the flesh (so to speak), and would be extremely grateful if you would be prepared to allow me to check yours out and discuss your experiences and thoughts on the boat in person. I live in Launceston (63317045). If you are interested, I can share info on the following rivers that I’ve also paddled, although you have probably done some of these already; Franklin, Jane, Denison & Gordon, Old, New, Murchison. I have plans for a few more south west rivers over the next few years, and these little boats could be ideal. I look forward hopefully to hearing from you!

John McLaine

wow awesome pics. Where did you buy your rafts from…Alaska or here?