Moose River Canyon, New Hampshire

In April 2007 I ran an 8 mile stretch of the Moose River in high spring water caused by a massive Nor’easter. Typically the Moose is low and bony, but the huge storm raised the water sufficiently for a fun run.

I put onto the Moose along U.S. Route 2 near the Pinkham B road intersection in Randolph. The first few miles were Class I and II water generally clear of obstacles except for one beaver dam that required a portage. The current quickened as the Moose heads into the canyon and near the old bottling plant becomes steady Class III. From the bottling plant the river drops consistently through Class III drops, some of which are fairly exciting. At one point the river flows over a pipeline, creating a river-wide hole that you need to punch agressively. I took off the river where it reconverges with U.S. Route 2 near the bottom of Gorham Hill, but you could continue for another 2 miles until the confluence with the Androscoggin. The shuttle can be done on bicycle along the old railroad grade that parallels the river through the canyon.

Brad Meiklejohn
Eagle River, Alaska