Moose Creek

For anyone familiar with the Mint Glacier area near Hatcher Pass:

I’m curious whether one could bring a packraft up to the Mint Glacier, over Grizzly Pass, and down to Moose Creek on the other side. How far north is Moose Creek navigable? Is this only a springtime float?

Thanks for any info!

Anyone have an idea or an observation already about when Moose Creek may be ready to host its first paddlers this season?

Late April? Early May? Mid-May? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Doug,
It will be runnable mid May, but starts getting really fun above 300cfs. When it gets closer to 350 cfs it is one long rapid. I live in the valley and boat all these streams several times a year. If you like it at high water try Granite Creek, it’s steeper, and has about a third more water. Watch your USGS gage and catch the evening spikes.

It is starting to spike, watch the gauge put in around 10.00 pm for the best runs by far. Look for 300 cfs and above for rock free runs.
Yesterday,J. Gonski took his new pack raft down the Little Su to the park yesterday, same thing watch the gauge, the river will get bossy in the evenings. The trip went well and was exciting, if you are bored with the guard rail run try it. The river is much easier above sixteen mile, but there are still a couple of gnarly drops. The lower section is much steeper,violent, and not fun to swim.
Anyway, valley update.


where is the put-in for this run and where are you taking out? Is there a way to skip the lower section?

Take out at the end of a road which leads to the creek at the end of the pavement of buffalo mine rd. To get to the put-in continue up the dirt road for about 3.5 miles, then you will take a road to the right which goes to the creek. Flow really makes a difference with this tiny stream so watch the gauge.
BTW the lower section lost a bunch of wood, only 4 or 5 portages and the best parts are clear.

Thanks Mark. Sounds like we should be running it…right about now!


I floated Moose Creek today and it was a blast. The sweeper near the road is kind of a pain, but could easily be cut.

What is the put-in like for Granite? I am camped out on the Matanuska and I would like to hit that tomorrow. I am guessing you put in off a four-wheeler trail back jonesville rd. And take out at the highway. The problem is it is a maze back Jonesville. Any tips for getting over to Granite easier?

Just got back from the Kennicot/Nizina trip, did it in two days one night, and it was high water. I saw Moose has still not hit 300 cfs, but getting closer. I am thinking about making a solo run tonight before I go back to work.
I am wanting to boat Granite, anytime, if you want to hook up. I take a wheeler to the knob then drag or haul boats down the hill towards the white rock slide on the other side of the creek. Up above this point, about a half a mile or so, is a waterfall that is supposed to be about six or eight feet. I am planning on putting in above this if it is clean enough, to live, and give it a go. From the picture I took of it from a distance it does seem fairly gnarly, and the falls looks to be in the middle of the drop.
Glad you enjoyed the float,contact me if you want to do a late night Moose run or something else.

The knob, white rock slide? I would like to check that out.

Sorry we missed you. We did Granite yesterday. We couldn’t figure out where to access it off of Jonesville Rd. so we hiked up the creek a few miles and put-in. It was a pretty fun little creek, definitely more water than Moose. I would be game for a late night (after 4) run of either this week.


Any evening is good for me, you really need to go in by the knob to get the good parts of Granite. I have done the road hike also, it sucks, and we had a hard time getting very far up into the canyon.
355-6651 give a days notice and i’m down for a run. BTW: I caught Moose at 290 cfs the other night, it seemed like alot of the melt was coming from way high up, so the upper section was smokin. If I knew how to post a video I would, it actually looks awesome.

Man the NOAA Moose Creek gauge really seems to be malfunctioning / misreporting. How do you really know water level there?

Are you using USGS site? The creek has been dreadfully low most of the year, It is about 160 cfs or so. I have not seen any problems except with the Matanuska, it said it was 20,000 cfs, and after it was calibrated was only 12,000 cfs.

Don’t forget, when it rains, Moose Creek is a fun, after work, class III run. I finally threw a couple of clips together from previous runs.

Get it while it’s hot!

Moose Creek is above 300 right now. Planning on an afternoon run.

Mark Oathout and I ran it at 285 last night. At that level it is the most fun Class III-III+ whitewater run I have done.

August 2011 runs. This is definitely one of my favorite creeks!

Mark and I took out the two logs on the upper section today.

When the creek goes over 300 I’ll be the dirtbag camping in the VW bus and hitching to the put-in.

We cleaned up the lower section today. Upper (end of Buffalo Mine to end of pavement) and lower (end of pavement to Glenn Hwy Bridge) can be run without exiting your boat.

Don’t forget when the larger streams are to high, for many of us when packrafting, some of these smaller streams are a blast a high water. 300 last night, get out there, cleanse yourselves, do it now, it’s yours…

There is a new log not far from the upper put-in. It is runnable at 270+ but could be a hazard with any less water. I plan on getting rid of it; however, I’m not sure how soon I’ll get to it.