Montana Rafters (Class I-IV)

Me and 2 buddies took our maiden voyage in our Yukon Yaks yesterday on the Gallatin River. It was an amazing trip and we are all very excited for the opportunities these amazing vessels bring for the summer. We think it would be great to expand our clan (the Bobbin’ Banditos) and track down some more people looking for fun day trips, as well as overnighters as summer comes. Our crew is based in the Bozeman area, but plan on exploring more of Montana, and hopefully spending a few weekends in Idaho and Wyoming. If you live in the area or will be passing through, let’s do some paddling. Or if you have suggestions for new trips, that would be greatly appreciated as well. Any tips at all really, we are eager to learn more! The maneuverability of the boats blew my mind.

Our first trip started with a boat christening just below House Rock and paddled through mostly I&II rapids for the first half of the trip through the canyon. After hiking around a dam, the water was calmer to where we were able to practice different strokes, different approaches to rocks, and learn to read the river for the first time. Definitely feel more comfortable in the boat now that our first trip is in the books, and look forward to learning more and trying new rivers in the weeks to come. Happy River-Running All!!!

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Hi MT Rafters,
Bought a yak for me and a llama for my girlfriend in the fall. Had some great trips so far and looking forward to doing more. We live in Bozeman. Let’s have a pint and talk about packrafting. Matt 406-599-7268

Hey Matt,

Me and my friend also live in Bozeman and Livingston. Had a great year of packrafting last year and looking forward to another. We are always aching to get out so maybe we could do a hike float on the lower beartrap sometime soon. Its pretty mild water and as long as its not frozen up it would be fun to do even now.


Hey Fellas,
I have been packrafting for a few years and am always looking for peeps to go with early season spring or fall as I am working in alaska during the summers. Thinking about a trip on the escalante or owyhee this spring…any takers. Give me a shout we could all get together for a beer.
828 243 1455

Up in Glacier and the Bob our snowpack is already at 130-150% of normal. Not only is the skiing fantastic now, the boating promises to be sublime come May! I’ve got a tick list a mile long this summer.

The Bozeman crew will have to come up here. Ya’ll NEED to do the North Fork Blackfoot once runoff slows down, classic day trip.

Im glad to see packrafting is starting to take form here in Montana. Some boating is in order, as are some beers to swap stories. Im not familiar with the escalante, but given a week or 2’s notice I know most of us are down for a roadtrip there or to Glacier. Let’s get something in the works. My schedule is pretty flexible as far as beers go. 406-570-4341

Are any of you guys interested in grabbing a beer to discuss packrafting plans for Summer 2011? My suggested meeting spot is at the new brewery in Bozeman called “406 Brewing Company”, located at 101 East Oak, Suite D, Bozeman, MT 59715.

I was aiming for this Thursday or Friday (June 9 or 10) - shoot me a line if you are interested: kevingoulding {at} gmail [dot] com


Another grand float on the fine rivers of Montana my fellow Bobbing Banditos. Need another as soon as possible. Keving my number is 3077524656. Call anytime.

Melius Out

Hello fellow Montana rafters! I am brand new to the sport. I am an avid biker, hiker, runner, but now its time to add something more. I have done some rafting, kayaking, and whitewater canoeing, but looking forward to adding this new element. I currently live in Helena and planning some trips in the Bob and Beartooth’s this summer. To tell the truth, I have 3 day weekends every weekend, and plan to get out nearly every weekend this Summer. I work out of town a LOT during my 4 day work weeks. I am in Bozeman a lot, I am currently in Bozeman. Anyone interested in grabbing a beer tomorrow (Wednesday the 29th)? Let me know!!!


Hey, I’m in Wolf Creek (near Helena)I travel a lot, but when I’m home I’m always game for a trip. Should be home for the next couple weeks. Game for all manner of hiking/biking/rafting activities. hit me up: 4o646596o6

looking to bikeraft the lower owyhee and ride back to the car. In at Rome, out at Leslie gulch April 23rd to around the 28th any takers?
I am in Bozeman MT. Might have a few other folks going so carpooling options abound. Let me know if there is anyone out there interested or give me a shout if your a Bozmanite up for beers!
828 243 1455