Mongolia Packrafting

Anyone know anything about rivers in Mongolia?

Harry House has a packraft, I’m not sure why he didn’t use it on this trip - I’m also aware of several other exploratory packrafting/river trips to Mongolia. Though the explores have not published any official trip reports that I’m aware of, they did say Mongolia is a great place to explore with a packraft.

My brother and I did a packrafting trip at the end of last year down the Delger Moron river in Khovsgol province in northern Mongolia. We wrote a blog about the trip here: There is some information in the “Reflections” section which might be useful for anyone interested in doing something similar - and my email address is on the front page of the blog if anyone has any particular questions. We combined 8 days of packrafting down the Delger Moron with three weeks of cycling round the province, strapping our bikes to the front of our Alpacka Unrigged Explorers and heading off down the Delger Moron (hence the “bikerafting” element of the blog).

We had a brilliant time in what is a spectaular place - this was our first packrafting trip but I would really recommend the area. There are a couple of alternative routes at the bottom of the Reflections page which we thought might be other good options in the region.