Minimum upper shoalhaven water levels?

Hey I’'ve rafted the shoalhaven from horseshoe bend to tallow dam before and I can’t remember the water level when I did it. I wish to do it this weekend but at the moment it seems around .5 and was thinking this was way too low.

Would anyone know what the recommend minimum would be? I don’t mind getting out now and then but if most rapids involve getting out then I’m not keen.

If anyone can offer any advice it would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

*Tallowa dam

Sorry have only paddled section above Sewell’s Pt twice and never below but this link might help:

The Hillview gauge was I think 0.95-1.0 and 0.7-0.6 for these upper section trips with below 0.7 very scratchy although we scraped/dragged through most rapids still.

Others on the forum here will have much more accurate and relevant info than this though!

Cheers for that at this rate I don’t think I’ll go. Hopefully the next coming days produces enough rain.

If anyone has any suggestions for rivers around Sydney that would be ok around this time it would be much appreciated.

I’d say 0.75 for a 3 day trip




G’day Bosch

Did you guys end up on the Shoaly over Anzac Day weekend ?.. we saw a log entry at Longs saying a pair were pack rafting to Tallowa. My two bobs for future reference, we got on the Shoaly at .75 at Hillview going in at Longs and it was a touch low but easily do-able , I bit of scrapping but surprisingly not too bad. We looped around and came in above the Block Up gorge and this section wasn’t so good, more scrappy bits. I reckon .8-1.1m on Hillview for the now classic Great Horseshoe to Bungonia/ Longs/ Badgery (and below) to be a good pack raft level from what I’ve seen of the river. Curious to know how the paddle down from Fossickers would be like in the inflatables