Min level to packraft escalante, Fence to Coyote

What is rhe min level someone has packrafted from Fence to Coyote on the Escalante. Please clarify your unit, cfs or feet on gage as there is conflicting numbers on web because of incorrect use of units. I hope to head there first of April. Gage is 1.45 today.

I have run it at both 2.0 and 2.5 cfs. This sounds ridiculously low, and it is. There is definitely a lot of butt scraping but it is do-able! I wouldn’t take a brand new boat, but if you have something older to paddle (and don’t mind a bit of damage to the floor) go for it.

Here is a link to the video of our trip when the water was just over 2 cfs- there was a lot of rock dodging but you can see that it is runnable.

thanks Teresa, let me clarify though to be sure, you mean cfs not feet on the gage??? it is 3 cfs today and 1.45 feet on the gage…

Since you are on here, how frequent are the side canyons that have drinking water? Do i need to do much planning to find drinking water?


We did 2.5 (CFS, not feet) in February 2015. You pick up water from Boulder Creek and elsewhere that helps by the time you put in at Fence/Neon. Have fun!

Yes, cfs…not feet. If you take the time to look around and have the capacity to store water for can use springs all the way down the river. Local knowledge can help locate springs on your map- check in town before you head out. I have been checking daily and the water has been around 5 cfs, perfect! I don’t head down for two weeks so I am hoping that those flows hold steady.