Metal Creek and Upper Knik

This was a maiden voyage for both raft and rider. Wanted to get my feet wet on familiar terrain. I’m a Lazy Mountain son; I know the Knik river valley and the banks of metal creek better than I know the lay of my own kitchen. I ferried Knik at Hunter Creek and hoofed it up to the east bank of Metal Creek (Alpacka came in handy there, too). Work and commitments restricted this to a simple overnight, but it was nice to be out. Lagoon is choked. Knik was so windy after Wolf Point that nothing but constant paddling would keep me from being blown aground on the east banks, and it slowed me to a crawl on the straight stretches. Good practice for a greenhorn, I expect. Looking for a bit more current and a bit less wind on my next trip.

Any idea what the Metal Creek gorge would be like? Fairly rowdy I’m sure.

Luc and Brad did it a few years ago, and there’s a report on Luc’s website: