Meadow Creek Gorge

A buddy and I are planning on a low-water trip to the South Fork Flathead in mid-August. We want to run Meadow Creek Gorge if doable. Any beta from someone who has run the Gorge in a packraft would be appreciated!!

I’ve been through it twice, once at 1000CFS and once at 600. Class 3/3+ with 2-3 portages at those levels, 2013 and 2014.

I’m confused ChadL.

First let me state that I’m new to rivers and the terminology may be confusing me. Micahruth asked if anyone has beta of the run. You responded that you did the run but you portage 2-3 times. My understanding (and I have been to MCG once) is that it is very difficult to get out of the gorge and the narrow vertical confluence makes nearly impossible to portage beyond the second take-out. Were you able to portage inside the gorge? The ‘Slot’?

I too am interested in the gorge and I’m also looking for accounts of the run through MCG if anyone has any info.

I walked near river level each time, including the slot.