Mclaren Summit/Eureka Cr./Delta R. August 11-13


I am interested in trying Ed Plumb’s Eureka Creek trip in two days, a Thursday-Friday (Aug 11th and 12th) or Friday-Saturday (Aug 12th and 13th).

Whether or not it is a Thursday or Friday morning start is dependent on when I can get to Paxson with my family while on vacation and/or finding a nice weather window. One night of camping briefly or just a quick nap on the tundra is fine by me. I hope to be able to get to the Delta River take out near Phelan Creek by early evening on the second day, hopefully with enough time to drive to Fairbanks.

My family will be in the area and able to provide a shuttle.

Peace to you all.


Could you do a Saturday morning start?? I’d be up for a long hike/packraft. I might be able to do a Friday morning start, I for sure can’t get off for Thursday. Give me a call at 907-444-2978 to discuss.