Manually Inflatable PFD

Does anyone know where you can get a MANUALLY inflatable PFD? I’m not that interested in the CO2 versions, they are kind of overkill for my use. I mainly use my raft for trapezing around Southeast Alaska and just need something incredibly light that I can inflate to cross lakes and short fjord crossings. Tried the therma-rest under the rain coat (too uncomfortable) and a kayak foam vest (too bulky to pack). What I would really like is a simple, vinyl PFD that I can inflate before I get on the water and then roll up and stow on the opposite bank.

I’ve often dreamed of a horse-shoe shaped PFD mad of the same material as my packraft with the same inflation valve as my raft… I wonder if the wonderful vanguards of practical inventiveness at Alpacka have ever considered creating such an accessory?

Reach under the seat on your next airline flight. There should be just the PFD you’re looking for…

You can take the CO2 cylinder off the auto-inflating ones, and blow them up by mouth. Also consider Mountain Laurel Designs “thing”, which is whatever you want it to be, or MYO using 10l milk/ wine bladders, or inflatable pillows in a lightweight shell.

Check this out. Its 2oz.

Quote: " The AeroVest is not a flotation device, but it is an ideal item to keep in your car, pack or boat for emergency protection against the cold. Made in the USA."