Make your own drysuit

Has anyone ever tried to make a drysuit?
For instance from cuben?

It’s waterproof and strength would make it a good material, I would think.
Don’t know if this has been discussed before, but the high price of kola tat and alpacas suits would make it worthwhile I think.

Any thoughts?

Cuben Fiber materials are not very abrasion resistant and tend to get pinholes from flexing. Most of the CF laminates do not breathe, so you would be soaked by your own sweat. Hard to beat the prices at Mythic if your time is worth anything:

(I’ve never seen a Mythic suit in the flesh so I do not know how light they are, how well they breathe, etc.; I am not endorsing them.)

thanks, i didn’t realize that.
would be a waste of money then.

i did hear about alpacka stowaway being very fragile too. thought cuben was stronger.

zpacks do have cuben raingear, which is breathable, so that material might work.

I also had this crazy idea. Why not make my own wetsuit? My friend’s family owns a rubber company that makes neoprene. Why don’t I just sent it off to a proper tailor and Get him to take proper measurements?

Then while I went upstairs to check my SB messages. I thought… why not make a drysuit and just get the other parts and gadgets from a friend of mine who owns a drysuit.

Anyone tried something like this? Am I a bit too imaginative?