main valve leaking

Just got my 2011 llama. When i inflate it and let it set it was loosing air. I noticed that when i push on the main valve cap air escapes, i thought i had it to loose. When i snug it up it just pops the threads and gets loose again. Even when its snug it looses air. Did i get a bum cap? The inflation bag tightens up real nice and the threads on the boat look good. Wouldnt want that cap to get bumped and start loosing air in the middle of a lake.

Any ideas?

Quickly done: go in a hardware store, it is a standars screw (I believe 1 1/4), you should find a cap there.

Talking of emergency solutions (loosing in the field etc.) I always carry a wine cork (or the whole bottle;) with me. It can seal the inflation bag screw and serve as a cap thus. I once had this instant and it functioned very well, when I did additional sealing on the mount (some rubbery mat).

Otherwise, it you are not in hurry, just ask Alpacka for a new one, it sounds obvious. If you are in Europe, give us a shout.

Thanks for the suggestions, I went ahead and called this morning and they are sending me a new plug. On the way home from work I stopped at the hardware store though to get a backup for my pack, What ended up working is a 3/4 inch PVC plug they sell in the plumbing section. The plug threads in nice and easy, I added a O-ring to the plug and it works like a charm. They are sending me a new plug priority mail so I will use the plug thats meant to be used but if anyone needs a backup this was 93 cents total, well worth the piece of mind to me to carry the backup.


Good for you!
So 3/4 is the number, good to know (for european used to think metric :wink: