Lower Klamath River Rogue River

I’m heading down the Lower Klamath River this weekend (Saturday 28th of May through Sunday 29th of May, 2016).
It’s a scenic stretch of river at the top of Northern California.
My rough and flexible itinerary is to park at Dillon Creek Campground and then hike / hitch-hike upriver (the Bigfoot Scenic Highway flanks the river) 20-miles to Curly Jack Campground near the small town of Happy Camp.
At Curly Jack Campground I’m going to put-in and float 17-miles downstream to the biggest rapid on the route (Dragon’s Tooth) and then camp just beyond it at Ukonom Creek. Hike 0.7 miles in and check out Ukonom Falls. Chill out overnight with a little campfire and a few beers. The next morning I’m going to raft the remaining 5-miles back to Dillon Creek (maybe a little beyond?) and then pack all my stuff back in the car and head home early Sunday morning.
The weather is supposed to be warm and sunny in the high 70’s, 10% chance of rain, in the 50’s overnight. I’m just bringing an inflatable air-mattress and sleeping bag (no tent).
I’m using an Alpacka Mule. Travelling light.
Here’s a link to the river map and mile-by-mile float guide:
Here’s a link to the trip I made down the Rogue River ‘Wild & Scenic’ section a few weeks ago:

If anyone wants to join me, it would be great to have some company. Also, we could do a car shuttle for the stretch from Dillon Creek to Curly Jack Campgrounds and save some time.
My email address is: paulkirby1973@hotmail.com
Let me know if you’re interested.
  • Paul

That sounds awesome - how was it?

  • Ali