Low Flow Chetco.

Full details and pics here:

Awesome trip, can’t wait to do it again, and again, and again.

That has to be one of the coolest rivers in the Western U.S., I would love to hit that up sometime next year. One of these days I want to hook up with you for a trip Mike, maybe a peddle/paddle trip here in Southern Utah.

Nice video! Can you tell me when you ran the Chetco? And also how many days it took? I’m thinking of running it in May.


We ran it in October. Much more likely to have (too much?) water in May.

We spent 5 days including the hike in. Could go in 4 for a small/experienced/fast group with more water than we had. I think 3 (including hike) is the fastest I could/would want to do it, but would need May/June amounts of daylight to get it done that fast.

Ideal trip on the Chetco (for me) would be 5 days, late in May, with ample water, daylight, and sunlight. Could be great fishing too.

Awesome video MikeC. Thanks for sharing the adventure, keep’em coming.

Thanks for a great video and write up! I’m excited to check out the Chetco one of these days. Beautiful solitude. Look me up if you guys come back to Oregon for more paddling.

I jumped at the chance to go back to the Chetco with more water.

Full TR here: https://mikesee.exposure.co/river-of-dreams

Absolutely awesome Mike! If I was going to dream up the perfect looking river I think it would look something like your videos of the Chetco.

What was your flow?

Ran it a few years back in June…in an IK using a horse packer. Higher water for sure, but very fun. Now that I have an Alpaca, need to get back w/o horses!

I’ve done it at 700, 900, and 1500. I wouldn’t go back for less than 1500.