Lost boat in glacier creek, girdwood, alaska. 8\9

Lost a red yak with a whitewater spray deck and cargo fly. Inside the boat was a yellowish Gregory pack. Boat says the word “kuskalana” in sharpie under the Alpacka logo.

While running glacier creek in girdwood on August 9, we had a swimmer at the confluence of glacier creek and winner creek. The swimmer could not maintain a handle on the boat, and due to swift water, the groups efforts were focused on staying together and getting the swimmer to shore. We tried to chase the boat down, but decided to let it eddy out down river instead of separating. We ran the rest of the creek with the swimmer riding tandem on my boat thinking that we would see it eddied out. Never saw it. We proceeded to follow the creek all the way to the turnagain arm through many braids and full river log jams. It seems that there would have been near impossible for the boat to make it through the jams and out to the ocean.

I am hoping someone saw the boat and picked it up. No questions will be asked and there is a reward if returned. Please call or text jared at 907-554-1070. Thanks!