Looking for Trip Partners + Brief Ship Creek Trip Report

I just posted this last night at the old yahoo group site but apparently this
is the newest place to pass along messages so here is a repost…

Hello Alaska Packrafters… I am new to the scene here and I am
looking for some people to do some trips with. I’ve only done two
trips since I got the boats in May but I’ve got more time now and I’d
like to get out! I’ve got a fairly flexible schedule, with exception
to most saturdays. A friend and I tackled Ship Creek last month and
had interesting results for a first “real” bit of water to run. The
trip report, along with a few pre-paddle photos can be found here:

By the way, if anyone found a paddle in the past month it could be
mine and I’d love to see it again!

I guess you could say I am fairly comfortable with any Class 2-3
water that involves lots of sweepers and strainers, as I made it down
Ship Creek without a paddle and still managed to have a great time.

If you’re interested, send an e-mail and lets setup a time to get
out! I’ll drive…


Joe C