Looking for Seattle Area Partners

I am new to packrafting and I am looking for Seattle area residents interested in either fishing oriented or adventure oriented packrafting trips in the Pacific Northwest. This would include joint trip planning, logistics, and wilderness travel.

I’m in Seattle too, and a friend and I just got packrafts last summer. Got in a couple trips last summer, and I’m hoping to get a few in this year. I’m definitely interested in packrafting/fishing trips. Two spots I’m currently scoping out are the Stehekin River and the Queets River. Did the Hoh last year, but it was a shit show with all the log Jams, and the Queets looks much better from the satellite photos and was recommended on this forum. The steheikin looks like pretty awesome class II, but requires an 18 miles hike in from Riany Pass on the north cascades highway. It’s beautiful out there though, so would be well worth the distance.

We should talk. I am also looking at the Stehekin River, the 11 miles below Big Agnes Creek. I will be cheating and taking the Ferry from Chelan to the Landing, then the bus up to High Bridge. Might float the river 2 or 3 times and just ride the bus. I have already backpacked in the area and I am familiar with the river and the bus.

I’m moving back to Washington in a couple weeks and will be looking for folks to packraft with. Not in the Seattle area though, eastern Washington. I’m open to packrafting all over the PNW.

I’m new to packrafting, I’ll be attending a packrafting class this year.

Hi guys, I’m in the Seattle area as well, and looking for partners. Did you ever end up getting together? Did you run the Stehekin? Ulysses, what class are you taking?

Not yet, but still interested in connecting. Might do the Stehekin in about 2 weeks. Looking at a 4 day trip focused on using the packraft for fly fishing access.

Also interested in more Seattle area partners. I have floated the queets numerous times, as well as the Hoh (too much wood) and done a few floats in AK and CA, but am interested in exploring more stuff in western and eastern WA/Idaho/OR/BC.

Best bets for me are mid-week floats, although I can sometimes convince my GF to let me play on the weekends as well. :slight_smile:

Ned - would love to hear how that Stehekin trip goes down.

Email me at rorsterling@gmail.com