Looking for partners in the southwest

Hey! Looking for some partners for trips around CO/UT/NM. Available for weekend trips as of now and longer trips starting the 2nd week of April. New to packrafting, but have experience backpacking. I’m willing to do up to class III. I live in Durango currently, so I’m also available for town runs after work for this month.

Hey fishm, I just got my first packraft and will definitely be looking for places to go, live in Buena Vista. Are you gonna try and get on the Deloras this year?

Hey, Eddie I don’t have anything planned, but would be interested. I’m also going to be around Breckenridge the end of this month for about a week so was looking at some rivers out there that will be running then. That’s around your neck of the woods. I’m only available for day trips that week, so can’t do any overnighters.

I’m located in Vail, Co. I’d be interested in any day or overnight trips near Frisco, Vail, Breck…email me at ihavemail@gmail.com

I am looking for partners for the Escalante and Cataract Canyon this spring.

Email me at: mountainlight241@hotmail.com

I live in Park City, Utah. I am available for weekend trips, then in July I can do extended trips. scotticus80@gmail.com -Scott England

I live in Taos, NM. I got my packraft just last year for a trip down the Escalante. I’ve been puttering in the Rio Grande, doing Class 3 and low-water runs that usually go at Class 4 (they’re not 4 at low water!). I’m also in the same kind of boat, not able to do big trips right now because I’m starting a new business. So day trips or one-nighters are my game for now.

I make roughly monthly runs to Durango for work, so it’s possible to spend an extra day and do something there, plus it’s a chance to get to know the area better. So that would be you, fishnm. Eddie, I also can get up to BV from time to time and the Arkansas could be lots of fun. I’m happy to host you all here on the Rio Grande. Also, btw, the upper Rio Grande near Creede would be a fun summer run.

I’d honestly say my heart is in long trips. The Escalante was great! Starting this fall I should have my free time back so I’m eager to make friends and plan things for later.

Email me at: boweellis@gmail.com