Looking for Partners in the PNW (Upper Chetco Expeditions, ect...)

Hey all.
My name is Jacob Moon, I’m a 31 adventure photographer living in Bellingham WA (Basically I have alot of time to get out on trips). I have alot of experience in the mountains (backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering ect…) but not a ton in the water. last year I got a packraft and floated the Escalante in UT and South Fork of the Flatehead in MO but this year, 2017. Id love to learn more about white water and do some trip like Upper Chetco in OR this spring. My over all goal is to do more expedition style packrafting trip in Alaska, Yukon and the Coastal range that involve glacier crossing, mountain passes, rock climbing, skiing ect… I just need a few solid adventure buddies that wouldnt mind showing teaching me more about white water and have time to get out on some rad trips. I am currently having a hard time finding the community to help support these type of activity but I hope that someone on here could be able to help me with that. Please Email me at Moon.me.675@hotmail.com. Jacob

hey Mate,

I sent you an E-mail, hope you got it !
Cheers !

Welcome to the club!

I’m nowhere near the PNW or Chetco but I have run it a few times.

I just wanted to chime in to say that while it is a stunning place to paddle and gawk, it’s not an ideal place to learn about wilderness whitewater. Not very forgiving, and a long way from help when things go sideways.

I’d encourage you to find some fellow paddlers (read: kayakers) to learn from and make mistakes with on roadside runs first. Then take that knowledge and experience to the Chetco, Rough and Ready, etc…

Good luck,