Looking for advice on fabric details

Hello everyone! A great forum I found here :slight_smile:
Well, I would like to change from my MRS Microraft to a real Alpacka, for whitewater, open and flat water, so playful AND fast would be great. I assume the Yak would be pretty similar to my old one, so I kinda fell in love with the Gnarwhale. The best material for my matters seems to be the 400d vectran (weight doesn’t matter that much) - BUT (please don’t laugh :wink:) I really like my boat to be blue, so that wouldn’t work. How much is the difference in stiffness and speed on open water? In whitewater I feel the regular material is fine for me, but I’d really like to be a bit more straight forward on open water. Please, would you share your experiences and thoughts with me?
Plus: if you don’t carry that much gear, did you ever fill the bags in the cargo zip with water for example just for the performance? What exactly is the effect in whitewater and in open water? Less work against the wind?
Thank you so much and best regards from Germany!