Looking for a used alpaca/Yukon

I am in the market for a used Alpaca or a Yukon Yak either a complete setup or raft only. Let me know what you have and how much$

I posted this a few minutes ago, thought you might be interested…

Hi there,
I am listing my Yukon Yak kit for sale. I bought it all from Alpacka this May and it has been used only once in a river and once in a pond since its purchase this spring. About the same time as this purchase I started up with a hard shell white water kayak and now have a car and a club to paddle with which just makes more sense for me in my area. Here is what I have to sell…

Alpacka Yukon Yak Mud Color with Black Spray Deck
Sawyer Packraft Paddle (with some neat little storage bags I made for the pieces when broken down)
Insul Mat Sleeping Pad
Inflation Bag
Patch & Go Kit

I would say the boat is 98% new condition. It may have some small cosmetic marks on the bottom but nothing more than that. The Paddle also has a few cosmetic marks on the blade I would say 95% new condition. The other gear may as well be new. The boat has been kept loosely rolled in a bag all summer and spent 30 minutes in a pond and 8 miles on a class 2 run on the Deerfield river in Ma., that’s it’s total use.

I am not desperate to sell this kit but it would allow me to purchase a drysuit for the coming months. I will only sell this kit as a whole so please don’t ask for individual items. The new value of this entire package from Alpacka is $1,296.00. I will also include the bags I made for paddle storage, a bunch of new bungie cords, and a unused roll of Tyvec Tape. I would like $1,000.00 for everything.

The boat and I are in NYC and happy to ship it anywhere in the US.

Photos available for those seriously considering my offer

Thanks for looking,