Late season trips

Wanted to compile a list of rivers that have adequate flow in the late season near anchorage. I saw the post about echo bend and i saw that hunter creek still has enough water. Does anyone else have suggestions? Aaron

Hunter Creek? Like the one that dumps in to the Knik?

Yeah the knik hunter creek. The from the bridge to the knik and then a few miles on the road side of the knik and then take out at the aairboat dock. The knik is obviously flat water.

OK, never thought about running that. What’s the water like from the bridge down? Has anyone tried to run upriver of the bridge? I have only seen it in the winter, don’t know what it’s like other times of the year.

Hunter Creek upstream of the road could be tough. I used to hike up there starting at a trail about 500 yards on the other side of the bridge, which is now shut down for access. It has been several years since I roamed that country(80’s), but I do remember looking down into a seriously steep valley/ canyon which I never attempted to go into. We would walk along the ridges back towards Mt. Palmer, I believe, which headed us towards knik glacier. However, we could see H. Creek and a major trib. On the flip side, I bet we could sneak up[ that trail, but it would be a summer project.
Don’t bother with downstream, I know your syle, you will be unhappy.

6-mile is still good, and will be for some time. It can be as hard or easy as you woudl like depending on what you do.

I did Hunter Creek down stream of the road last summer in early July. It was good for a half mile and then it got really brushy and braided. After that is was ok down into the Knik.