Lake Creek via peterville

so I was thinking you could take petersville road all the way out to cache creek and then hike ten mile to chelatna lake and the head waters of lake creek. You could get a pick up on the Yetna or big sue with a jet boat. The alt route would be float peters creek to the kahiltna and hike to lake creek from there. Anyone have any input.

I’ve floated Peters creek numerous times, and have always considered taking it all the way to the Su, or portaging over to lake creek, like you mentioned. From what I’ve heard, peters creek flattens out a bit and gets real boney down lower. Might not be a huge problem with a packraft though.
That being said, I’ve never looked into the option to hike over to chilatna…
I’ve been down lake creek a couple times, but with an airplane to help out…and have always wished there were a cheaper option, so this has me really excited!
From a brief look at a map, it looks doable. I wouldn’t mind giving it a try sometime this fall

Here’s a possible route that i mapped out. It would be about 20mi. Seems like most of it would be on pre-existing trails though, so that would speed thing up.

i have most of August off the 1st-8th i don’t have plans i would be interested in trying it. Pretty sure i have a friend that would pick us up in his boat if i throw him some gas money.

I scouted petersville road on my four wheeler this weekend looks like you could get a vehicle farther down the road than your start point we could get at least to cache creek cabins if not further. Looks like it could be pretty thick brush. At least starting out

Two years ago the AMWClassic passed from Petersville to Rohn, crossing Lake creek on the way. Most took the “Collinsville trail” from Forks across the Kahiltna and across Lake creek on the way. This route intersects the creek about a third of the way from Chelatna. Crossing the Kahiltna is a swampy undertaking. The trail appears and disappears so GPS your route carefully.