Lake Clark National Park - Lake Clark Pass to Crescent Lake


Myself and three of my buddies are heading to Lake Clark National park at the end of the month for a packraft/backpack trip. We are being flown/dropped off at Summit Lake (Lake Clark Pass) and picked up as Crescent Lake (Redoubt Mountain Lodge). We plan to float the Tlikakila for 1-2 days, then hike into the upper Drift River basin, then up over a pass and down to the North Fork of the Crescent River. From there we are planning on floating the North Fork of the Crescent River then heading cross-country over to Crescent Lake. I have some beta on the Tlikakila River, but no info on the upper Drift or the North Fork of the Crescent River. Anyone floated any of these two before? Let me know if anyone has any info. Thanks!!


How did the trip go? Looking at routes in the area for September.