Anyone interested in a packrafting trip in Labrador? I have done a few rivers by canoe and kayak, and recently purchased a Llama. Looking for a partner to do a river or two in 2016.

Hoping to hear from someone.


Hi Derrick,

Are you in NF? I won’t be there this summer but am planning to drive the Trans-Labrador Highway and do some hiking, climbing, paddling around there July 2017. Packrafting in Labrador would be excellent.


I’m planning a trip on “Rivière aux Feuilles” in Nunavik for Summer 2018. Hike from Hudson bay to the river and then paddle to Ungava bay.

I’ve been dreaming of hiking from Torngats National Park on the Lab Coast and paddling the Koroc to Ungava Bay. I’ve got many of the maps already that are drying out from long term storage. Summer 2017/ 2018 I’d be interested in joining a trip to the Labrador / Nunavik area.