Kokatat semi-drysuit vs. Drysuit

Roman et al,
Would like your opinion on kokatat suits. I am wondering if you think the Kokatat SuperNova is an advisable purchase with regards to safety, as compared to the Kokatat Goretex drysuit? As you know the SuperNova is lighter and more comfortable as I tried both on today. Weight is consideration for me. Thanks in advance.

After reading reviews and posting practically the same question as you a few months ago I bought the Supernova. I had been told it kept out all but a few teaspoonfuls of water even in a complete submersion. I also liked it’s lightweight and comfortability.

After owning it for a few months I actually thought about abusing the REI return policy and getting the goretex kokatat. If you think you might do any swimming spring for the gore-Tex. I found myself soaking wet after a two swim run down willow creeks guardrail.

My conclusion is that it is a great suit for class I and II water where it may be splashy. If you think you might swim at all it is not going to keep you dry, which is going to leave you cold. It’s lighter weight and bulk is great for packing on longer trips, but why pack it at all for the trips it is adequate for?

Appreciate your response. I am coming to similar conclusions as you after using the SN 10 times this year. I went swimming twice on Saturday on the South Fork of Eagle River in my SuperNova and it definitely let’s the water in the loose fitting neck… And doing the same on the Willow.

I am coming to the conclusion it best to have both a goretex for class III and a lightweight suit for pack trips. I am most likely pick one up at REI’s next 20 % off sale, if not before.

Good paddling, Will

You can have kokatat replace the neoprene neck gasket with a latex one for $60.
It’ll keep you dry then. The only time the neoprene is a problem is when fully submerged.
It is nice that they are considerably lighter than the goretex ones.