Kodiak paddling (yes, really)

FYI there’s some surprisingly good opportunities in Kodiak for river/creek packrafting/kayaking. After several trips, I finally brought some packrafts over and wasn’t disappointed (of course a week of sunshine in Kodiak may have helped). From the road system creeks like Sargent, Russian, Olds, and others can be anything from PR2 to PR5 depending on water level, some of the creeks higher up are more suited for kayaks able to bounce/slide/fall off things better. That is the one caveat, water flows are highly variable and without enough rain or snowmelt they can’t be done, with too much they might be outside a comfort zone. Rivers like the American or Karluk (not on the road) are more dependable for float trips. I made a small sampler:

Obviously watch out for the salmon fishing if that’s going on, and I hear there are some large sized bears there.