Klymit Inflatable Vest = Ultralight PFD?

Has anyone tried the Amphibian Vest made by Klymit. I am considering one for packrafting as both insulator and lighweight PFD. Has anyone tried one. Would it work as a lightweight PFD? I know it is not approved as a PFD and would not be suitable for heavy whitewater, but there are a lot of packrafters who don’t bring PFD’s on trips to save weight and this looks like it could be a LOT better than nothing. I am very intrigued with this product. Let me know if you have any insight.

I’d want to confirm that the cubic capacity of gas would be sufficient to support an incapacitated wearer (in the water) .

My Stormy Seas vest has way more capacity than this vest appears to have, though any buoyancy is better than none. I’m not that keen on carrying additional cylinders, and any initial weight saving may be offset by the weight of cylinders, which even when empty, will need to be packed out.

The Aero Vest is a lighter, cheaper alternative.

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