Kiwi packrafter looking for adventure buddies - WORLDWIDE!!

I’m a mad-keen packrafter from New Zealand, on the hunt for adventure buddies in 2015 and 2016. I have endless ideas for trips, but a lack of friends with flexible work schedules…

I’m particularly interested in some longer, remote, rugged trips. Also in roadtrips, just exploring all sorts of different rivers. Or having a focus on photography and film. Trips combining alpine + packrafting, or cycle touring + packrafting.

I have a background in whitewater and have a solid set of skills in most outdoor sports. I’ve got personal experience on long wilderness expeditions and have all communication gear needed for more remote trips. If I found the right person/people, I’d be really keen to put the hard yards into organising a logistically complicated expedition.

Places that spring to mind initially:

Alaska (at this stage I plan to be there in August 2015 and have a trip planned with friends, but I’m keen to do some trips before/after this one)
Could also do some trips in the US at very end of summer
Central Asia - any of the stans
Central America
New Zealand (ideas for a 2-3 month trip, mostly off-trail + rugged hiking, some alpine, helicopter drops for food - the kind of trip that requires some decent preparation)

Just in case it isn’t obvious, I would go anywhere in the world!!

If your ears are perking up, please get in touch! Or if you have an existing expedition that I could jump on board with, let me know.

Are you still looking to visit Alaska in 2016? I am hoping to return to the Brooks Range but don’t have any committed partners at this time. I am a tough 'ol gal with a lot of packrafting experience and a desire to get as far off the beaten path as possible. August is looking like the best time for me to head to Alaska next summer but I am a teacher and have the whole summer off…pretty flexible.

Hi there!
I would love to join you in any adventure trip.
Please let me know if something comes up.


I am starting to put together a trip in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in August of '16. Class II+ water, so pretty mellow, but very remote. Any chance that is the type of thing you are looking for?

Hi Theresa,
Please keep me up to date of your plans.
To me would be easier traveling from mid July to mid August or mid August to mid September.
How long will it take?


I am a New Zealander.
I am a packrafter keen on the type of adventures you have described.
It would be good to meet up and chat.

I am a tough 'ol gal with a lot of packrafting experience and a desire to get as far off the beaten path as possible.
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Thanks for the responses. I may have a trip coming together for June, but that may fall apart and I will go back to planning for August. The river I have in mind is the Kongakut in ANWR. I have to be back in the Lower 48 by about August 26, so somewhere in the first three weeks of August is best. The trip requires a chartered flight in and out, so there are some costs involved. Having four people would help keep costs as low as possible.