A good kakadu trip would be in Jan or Feb, before the spear grass gets too tall (3-4 m):

I’d like to go back to hike up Koolpin Gorge, over to Twin Falls Creek, float that to Twin Falls, hike over divide back to mid-fork of Koolpin, float back to start, portaging the waterfalls.

World Class Trip, that one.

WOW ! Thanks so much for that Roman. Inspiring stuff indeed. I’d love to read more on your trip. I was wondering where you’d got to, hadn’t heard of any rafting tourist croc attacks so figured you must have been ok!

I hiked up through Koolpin Gorge and surrounding area about 5 years ago during the dry, it is awsome country and that would be a wicked trip. Could be a hairy time of year to be travelling through there though. You would need to sort out appropriate permits too, these can be restrictive on times/access etc to Koolpin.