Join Expeditions Explorers 2009 - Return to Ofqui, Patagonia

If there are any spontaneous folks out there who want to join our exploratory packrafting adventure near the Northern Patagonia Ice Field in Chile, we plan to start in two weeks around February 20th. We will begin at the beautiful village of Caleta Tortel, which is a village only very recently accessible by land and is known for its wooden walkways made of cypress. From there we will paddle and trek our way towards Laguna San Rafael, visiting a number of fjords and the Ice Field’s glaciers along the way, including the very large and very rapidly receding San Quintin. We are planning about 30 days altogether and are carrying all equipment on our back, including food (clean glacier run-off water is plentiful), so this trip will take us to very remote places, it is unsupported and exploratory, definitely not a tour. We will not see other humans for 30 days. However, if there are any other packrafters who feel like joining us and have the time and inclination to do so on short notice, pack your raft and paddles, some good mud boots and come to Patagonia, we would love to have some fellow adventurers with us. If anyone is interested, contact Jarek at Antofaya Expeditions and we can give you all the information you would need for coming down and gear and what to expect. Happy travels wherever you are!

Rianna and Jarek
Antofaya Expeditions

Too short notice for me!

Plus the fact that I’ve been buying gear for a packrafting and prospecting trip to NZ (which got adjourned after I’d bought all the gear!). :open_mouth:

That apart, I’d love to have joined you for what looks to be an interesting trip.