John River to Wild River

I intend the next summer to run down part of the John River, starting from Anaktuvuk, and then join the Wild River. Has anyone done this and give me some info. Thanks. New member from Belgium

Where do you intend to transition/hike over to the Wild from the John? I haven’t floated the Wild but the Upper John is an excellent class II/III float out of Anaktuvuk down to about Wolverine Creek. I would not recommend going past there with a packraft as the John flattens out considerably as it exits the Brooks Range, but if you’re heading over to the Wild your best bet is likely to take out just before Hunt Fork. You’ll be covering considerable ground and may end up floating some of the Allen River as you make your way over to the Wild. I wouldn’t expect much excitement on the Wild as you head back towards Bettles, if that’s where your trip ends.

Hello Jhypers,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I intend to float the John river till Allen Creek. there, I whish to hike up the Allen to join the lake at the head of the Wild River and finish at Bettles. I had another plan whish is: John River till Wolverine, there join the Nahtuk, and down the Alatna. But I’m a bit lost for the put out. Any suggestion? What will be your advice. Thankinf in advance for your answer.

hi planning on floating the john river in alaska in june. its been rainy, has any one floated it lately? any river reports? thanks!

Mat, running down the Nahtuk you can take out at Takahula Lake, about 1 hour south of Nahtuk/Alatna confluence, and get picked up by Brooks Range Aviation to Bettles for about $500, if you continue down the Alatna the slow water and wind will seem endless and in 3-4 days hard paddling reach Allakaket and fly out on Wrights to Fairbanks for $170. Nahtuk has some rock canyons that get pretty tight, but incredible country.

Wondering what your river classification of the Nahtuk would be? You say there are tight canyons–are there any places where there are sweepers, or other obstacles? Thanks.

Did you end up making the traverse from the John to the Wild? My wife and I are looking at that for summer of 2014.

Hello, I haven’t done that traverse, but I intend to go from Anakatuvuk to the Alatna river via Wolverine creek and Pingaluk.
All the best, Mathieu