Is there a packrafting trip website?

Any suggestions on where to post packrafting trip details and logistics? This site’s Packrafting Trip section is getting pretty unwieldy to search. It’s basically free text, no forms, so a lot of details are missing. Can’t search other than by key word.

Seems like most folks are describing their trips in personal blogs. Would be nice to have something like RiverBrain ( ), Southwest Paddler(, American WhiteWater ( ), etc. to organize packrafting trips into a virtual guide book. Does such a site already exist? In the works? Of the three, RiverBrain does mention packrafting but the primary focus of the site seems to be organized around rivers, yet packrafting trips aren’t always on rivers or include a mix of water ways (sea, river(s), lake(s)) combine with hiking, biking, etc.

Thoughts? Is this something for the APA? An extension of this forum?

That reminds me. I was thinking it would be awesome if someone was able to build a "Whitewater Wiki"or “Adventure Wiki” that interfaces with Google Maps where you can get your satellite imagery and topographic maps. People could post icons on the map that would link to photos, videos, hazard notifications, rapids, play waves, access points, river descriptions, trip reports, etc. Every paddler that registers could choose to have an icon in their location of residence like does for the bicycle tourers. Click on the icon to private message the paddler, or read their profile. Also include a live social interactive set up like Facebook. Include a forum as well. Something like that would really unify the packrafting community.