Is anyone in Patagonia in January-March 2018?


Greetings from Buenos Aires (Argentina)! I’m a packrafting rookie and I’ll be heading to Patagonia for 3 months in a bikepacking & packrafting adventure. Is anyone heading there in the same time?

Any tips/advice/suggestions will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Federico Cabrera


Voy a estar en la zona de Esquel-Corcovado-Futaleufu en Febrero (11 a 18). Packrafting + bici. Tambien vivo en Bs As.

I just left Chalten after doing some trekking. Didn’t bring my raft with me unfortunately. The rio de las vueltas looked like class 2 above and into town. You could bike up the road and then float back to town. Looks like Forrest Mccarthy has been there: