Ironman packraft-a-thon

Has anyone thought about a race with biking, hiking, and pack rafting, etc.? There could be races for all levels of participants in many areas of the state, and several different routes could be combined to make a race.

The Wilderness Classic comes to mind…

Sorry, I should have been more specific. One which has long mandatory segments of biking, hiking, running, with a combination of quality whitewater runs, different than a remote wilderness race.
An example might be, Boat Willow, bike over to the Little Su and boat it, bike and hike into Granite or Kings, etc. McCarthy has several possibilities also. I guess I was thinking more whitewater with intense biking, and running.
Forgive me if ignorant of any existing races of this sort.

Ski-to-Sea, in Washington, often has (I think) downhill skiing, cross country skiing, mountain biking, road biking, running, canoeing, and perhaps sea kayaking. Brings to mind the possibility of a cool AK variant: start on a mountaintop, end on an island?