Iran Rafting and Advanture Tour

hi guys
i visit your forum now i want to show you some new rafting trip in a new country, Iran.
i don’t know how many of you traveled to Iran and did rafting in Iran rivers.
we have 3 major rafting river in Iran. Armand river with grade 3, Sepidrood river with grade 4 and Haraz river with grade 4.

I attach some photo about this rivers

technically i’m a tour operator in Iran and work on tour to Iran and Persian Touring team

so I arrange some active and advanture tour in Iran. same as rafting, mountneering and deserts tours.

for rafting i have special plan for all this 3 river.
we start this tour with Armand river. we also visit isfahan and then go to tehran. we take a city tour in tehran and then, going to Haraz River.
after this excelent river, we have some special days in north of Iran. at last we going Sefidrood river.

this tour take around 8 to 12 days buy your choice.
we start it in Tehran and finish it too. so it’s so good for a cheap flight
tour include Iran visa, Hotels with break fast, Rafting Equipment, english lang rafting guide, transfers, travel Insurance

i have several offers in hotels and flights.
tours can be arrange for 4 to 40 body. the rafting season is from now to start of october.

if any body intrest, can pm me