International Meetup Dates for 2019

Hi All,

I’d love to know and have in the one spot, the dates of all the various meetups that are happening around the world in 2019. Perhaps people could post any known dates below.

Although I am not the organiser of any of these I currently know of:

New Zealand Meetup - January 9-12 in Hanmer Springs (South Island)

European Meetup - May 1-5 near Bovec in Slovenia, on the Soca River

Scottish Meetup
Dates ???

Nordic Roundup - May 23-26 Sweden (close to the Norwegian border in the beautiful region of Dalarna)

3rd Siberian Packraft Fest - June 20-23
www Пятый Сибирский пакрафт фест 2021 | VK
The site is in Russian only, so it may be easier for participants to contact @ded_medved via instagram (he is one of the organisers)

Canadian Meetup - June 29 to July 1 HOWEVER as per comment below “they have some concerns about river flows so, they might delay it a bit…”
Previous meetup’s website with 2018 info:

USA Roundup - July 18-21 on the South Fork of the Payette River in Idaho

French Alps Meetup - July 8-14 in Chateauroux-les-alpes, France.

Italian Packrafting Championship/Meet-up - Oct 5-6
At Valstagna on the Brenta River.

Australian Meetup - October 5-7 on the Murrumbidgee River near Canberra, ACT

Others ???

Great idea !

There’s the Canadian one, from the 29th of june to the 1st of July, but they have some concerns about river flows so, they might delay it a bit…
There is also a group on Facebook which regularly post about the events :

Hey Mark,

We have changed the dates for the French Alps packrafting meetup it is now confirmed : 8th to 14th of July.
The website is up and the registrations are open :
If you can update your original post, it would be awesome !

Hi Mark!

We have just written a blog post about 2019 Packrafting Meet-ups and destinations, and I thought it might fit this topic. Hope it is ok to put the link here, otherwise, just let me know and I remove the link and try to copy/paste the content.

We will keep updating this post as more meet-up dates come up, at the moment there is just a little Italian meet-up/packrafting championship additional to your list as far as I can see:

October 5/6: Italian Packrafting Championship/Meet-up at Valstagna on the Brenta River.

The blog post also includes some conservation events, such as the Balkans River Tour, with 3 stops - in Romania, Slovenia and Bulgaria. This might be interesting for the packrafting community too.

Awesome blog write up Michaela. Thanks for doing that and posting the link here. Great idea to include the conservation events as am sure these will interest many packrafters. Thanks!