Industrial Velcro

Has any one tried using industrial Velcro on an alpacka? I’ve been wanting to add a completely removable whitewater spray skirt to my boat and was planning on using industrial Velcro. Does anyone know if the glue that’s already on the Velcro will hold without any alterations to the boat or will I need to gently sand the area where the Velcro will go?

You will have to sand the area and prep with MEK… and you will have to paint over the glue that comes on the velcro with some real glue made for PVC (Clifton or Staybond work well with several cotes and let dry in between). Or better yet the correct method is to sew the velcro to some PVC fabric strips and glue PVC fabric to PCV fabric. Nothing else is going to stay there for very long and not make a mess.